Better outcomes from your surgery through integrated pre and post-operative exercise and education that amplifies the short and long term outcomes of your surgery. Better communication and collaboration between your medical practitioners and your physical therapists so you don’t need to re-explain your circumstance every time you progress and move to a new practitioner. A better knee and hip function and movement capacity so you can live life on your terms. A better understanding of how you can take care of your movement and joint health for the long run.

The Jointworks founders came together with a shared vision of creating an environment and a model of care that delivered an elevated experience of healthcare to the people of the Sydney.

What makes us different? Well, because we are truly collaborative.

Jointworks is a team of joint specialists who work together to assess, measure, manage and recover your joint function and pain issues. Our team includes orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists all under the one roof and with the same simple goal, optimal long term results for you. Although we have great deal of expertise in house we value our collaboration with external specialists including sports medicine physicians, physiotherapists, podiatrists, cardiologists, GPs and other sub-specialists surgeons.

Whether you are visiting us looking for a surgical opinion, for a physiotherapy to treat a recent injury or wanting a safe specialised exercise program to improve your joint pain and function, our team will work together to ensure the best long term outcomes for your specific needs.

Our vision is to elevate the experience of health care for joint health and we look forward to sharing our approach with you and helping you to live a life full of movement and healthy, pain free joints.

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