Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a referral?

Yes. You need a valid referral to see a specialist and it must be in date. This is within 12 months for a GP referral and 3 months for a specialist referral. Please bring a copy to your first appointment.

Does Dr Negus operate on fractures?

Yes. Dr Negus was fully trained by the AOA in all aspects of Orthopaedics which includes trauma.

Does Dr Negus see country or rural patients?

Yes. Dr Negus was fortunate enough to be posted out of Sydney during his training and has continued to service the rural and regional populations including Armidale. In order to minimise the inconvenience of travelling to Sydney, please ensure that we know that you are from country or regional Australia. We can then look to access your imaging remotely and through the use of validated questionnaires, assess the likelihood of needing surgery before making a journey.
Routine follow up can also be organised over Telehealth.

Does Dr Negus operate in the public system?

Dr Negus operates in both public and private systems at the Northern Beaches Hospital, also welcomes private patients to North Shore Private Hospital and Mater Hospital.