Hip arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy

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Do I need hip arthroscopy surgery?

This special keyhole surgery is offered to certain patients who have persistent and debilitating pain, often as a result of an injury to their hip.
Dr Negus needs to assess the cause of the pain very carefully and be clear that it is coming from the hip joint before proceeding with any surgery. This is done through a thorough discussion of symptoms, a physical examination and study of the imaging.

There are no parts of the joint replaced in this surgery. It is usually performed to remove loose bodies, remove damaged cartilage or address a damaged labrum with removal or repair. If the patient has a big bony lump on the femur which is knocking up against the labrum known as Femoro-Acetabular Impingement (FAI) then this bone can be trimmed.

The procedure is performed to relieve symptoms and this is achieved in 70-80% of patients. It may prevent the joint from deteriorating more and delay joint replacement surgery but this has not been proven in the orthopaedic literature.