Revision hip replacement

Revision hip replacement

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Why would I need revision surgery?

The most common reason for needing revision surgery to a hip replacement will be from wear of the polyethylene over many years of use. This tends to happen to hips that have been in for around 15 to 25 years. The material that was used for the liner of the socket in the 1990s changed its structure slowly over time in the body which reduced its lifespan through increased wear.

The newer materials that make up the hip replacements that Dr Negus uses are expected to last for more years as they have shown to wear a lot less than the older materials. Whether it be the metal, polyethylene or ceramic materials used for the bearing surfaces, we expect the hip replacements that we do now to last longer than the hips that were put in last century.

There are other reasons for revising hip replacements and these include infection, bone fracture, tendon irritation, implant breakage, loosening and other mechanical problems. These complications are uncommon but can occur at any time after a hip replacement.

Any patient needing revision surgery will need a lot of planning and investigation with specific scans. Blood tests and sometimes samples taken from the joint itself.