Partial / Uni knee replacement

Uni-compartment or Partial Knee Replacement

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What is a uni-compartment or partial knee replacement?

The ‘Uni’ knee is a resurfacing of the femur and tibia on only the side that is worn out by arthritis. It is usually the inside or ‘medial’ compartment of the knee that needs replacing and between 2 and 5 out of every 10 patients with knee arthritis are suitable for a ‘Uni’ knee.

The surgery can be performed with a computer navigation and a robot or with standard instruments, depending on the prosthesis used and the needs of the patient. Dr Negus uses both technologies and will discuss your suitability for each.

The procedure is smaller operation than with a total knee replacement and so the recovery is faster and there is less pain and the risk of serious complications is lower. The procedure can be carried out as a day case procedure although most people are in hospital for 1-2 days.

Dr Negus believes that in the correct patients, the results of the ‘Uni’ knee are better for the patient than a total knee replacement. However, there is a reported higher risk of revision than with primary total knee replacement although this is controversial. Please discuss with Dr Negus for more information.