Patient Info

To make an appointment for any consulting location please call 02 9055 1766 and speak with our friendly reception staff.

Once you have an appointment please complete the following to maximise your experience and the efficiency of your visit to the clinic –

  • Visit the ‘Clinic to cloud” webpage – you will be sent an invite with a password
  • Check your details are correct

On the day of your appointment

A GP referral letter is valid for 12 months and a specialist referral is valid for 3 months.

Please bring your referral letter if you haven’t uploaded it. If unsure, please ring and check.

REMEMBER to bring ALL imaging – X-rays, MRIs and anything else to do with your referral
Please bring your Medicare card and Private health fund card to all appointments.


Payment is due at the time of the consultation.
When you make your appointment, the secretary will let you know what the consultation fee will be.

The timing of appointments

If you are delayed, please call the rooms on 02 9055 1766 so we can make sure we fit you in.

Occasionally Dr Negus will be delayed by a complex patient or a late-running surgery list. Please feel free to call a few hours prior to your appointment to check that things are all running to time.

Routine six week follow up appointments

Other follow up appointments

After TKR

After THR

After ACL

After osteotomy

After hip or knee arthroscopic surgery