Jointworks Exercise Physiologists are experts in exercise prescription and programming as a treatment for knee and hip pain and injury. We believe your hips and knees are unique and so are your goals and expectations for recovery. That is why every exercise program at Jointworks is tailored specifically based on our comprehensive assessment process.

Our tailored approach ensures the changes you make are long lasting so you can live the life you want.


Treatment Process

Leading edge evaluation

Leading Edge Evaluation

Our Exercise Physiology team uses a mixture of leading evaluation technologies
with tried and tested exercise intervention to create lasting knee and hip health. 
Your initial assessment consultation will include a mixture of testing for
flexibility, strength, power and balance. Some of the latest technology that
we have integrated for your outcomes include: 
Strength by Numbers (AxIT System)
DorsaVi Movement Evaluation 

Personalised planning and treatment

Personalised Planning & Treatment

Everything starts with one on one consultations. Because your expectations, your hopes and your goals are unique to your life, we understand that no two knees or hips are the same and should be treated as such.

Your program exercises and progression is designed specifically for you. Your Jointworks Exercise Physiologist will design the program based off your assessment results and then guide you through the program to ensure you are executing the each movement in a safe and effective manner.

How long you will need to attend for or how often you attend will be dependant on your specific circumstances and we will tailor the approach to you.

Review, Refine & Elevate

Review, Refine & Elevate

You cannot progress what you do not assess, so the most critical element of your Jointworks Exercise Physiology experience is our consistent review, evaluation and progression of program design and intervention.  

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