At Jointworks our belief is that unless your function, strength and movement is better than it was before your injury then our job is not done.  Although relieving pain is often the most pressing issue with both short and long term injuries, very rarely does relieving the pain alone provide resilience against future episodes.

To ensure we can support your progress each step of the way at Jointworks we use a tried and tested ascension model of care.

Learn more about each of our specialised group programs below.

Exercise physiology

The Knee & Hip Program is designed to get you results. It may be longer than you anticipated and it may require more effort than you were hoping. But it works, we create lifelong change and provide you with the knowledge and the tools to manage your knee and hip function for life. The Knee & Hip Program is a 12 week (24 session) program.

Each program is designed specifically for your knee and hip concerns. Following a comprehensive Jointworks functional evaluation the Exercise Physiology team at Jointworks develop a knee and hip rehab exercise plan specifically for you based on your level of function. To ensure your program is moving you toward your goals, your progress is evaluated every 4 weeks before a new block programming is designed. 

Following completion of the Knee & Hip program we will conduct a comprehensive final assessment and future planning session to ensure the progress you made in the program is continued long into the future. 

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This program is the antidote to regression. Each program personally designed by our Jointworks Exercise Physiologists.

The Momentum Program does exactly what it says, it creates Momentum. With small group and one on one options available the Momentum Program is designed to help you bridge the gap from rehabilitation to performance. Not just feel better but actually be better. Be stronger, more capable, more durable than you were before you were injured.

Delivered in minimum 4 week (8 session) commitment blocks. We review and redesign your programming after each 4 week block using our 4 Pillars focus to ensure you’re progressing and focused on the most important areas of your joint health to achieve our goals. 

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As the saying goes

Use it or lose it

In an ideal world everyone who reaches their health and wellbeing goals would take the progress home with them after finishing with us and continue to develop it or at the very least maintain it. 

Unfortunately this is not the case. Many people do not want to go to a large commercial gym, many people do not want exercise on their own at home and many simply need the accountability that goes with making an appointment with an expert. 

To make sure we have the ability support everyone for the long run, the final stage of ascension model is the Freedom Program. 

In Freedom your program is still tailored to your goals and aspirations. The key difference is in the level of challenge. At this stage you are familiar with the movements, the environment and as a result the exercise intensity is a little higher. We spend less time focussing on the finer points of control and a little more time ensuring your a being challenged and improving your overall vitality. 

The Freedom Program is a full body health and life performance program where you will discover a new level of strength and resilience.



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