At Jointworks our belief is that unless you have identified and addressed the root cause then our job is not done. So after a comprehensive assessment we then develop a recovery program with you that ensures your pain is controlled and more importantly the root cause is addressed so when you finish working with us you are not only in less pain but you are significantly less likely to experience future problems.


Physio Treatment


Recently injured knee or hip 

As the experts in the diagnosis and non-operative treatment of knee and hip pain our Physiotherapists will support you to quickly get to the bottom of what is causing your pain and establish a long term treatment plan for achieving lasting progress.

Pre & Post-Operative Physio

Collaboration is everything at Jointworks so if you are a patient of a Jointworks surgeon the Physiotherapy team will be working closely with your Orthopaedic surgeon to ensure your preparation for and recovery from surgery maximise your long term outcomes.

What about problems that aren’t knee or hip related? 

Jointworks Physiotherapists can assist with a wide range of musculoskeletal concerns. Ankles, shoulder, back or neck problems, our Physio's can help. We are just extra brilliant with hips and knees.

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