We know that making the decision to go ahead with joint replacement surgery can be daunting and you haven't taken it lightly. Unfortunately, you suddenly need to navigate a long list of specialists, tests and a whole new language in order to be safely prepared for your procedure.

At Jointworks, we have found that our patients have felt more confident about their preparation and more importantly, their rehabilitation period armed with the information they gained from the Preop Joint Clinic. You will be taken through the clinic by our team of Doctors, physiotherapists, rehab specialists and nursing staff alongside our patient management team.


Preop joint clinic

The Preop Joint clinic is an essential part of the journey for ALL joint replacement patients at Jointworks. It is strongly recommended that your partner or caregiver attends with you so that they can be educated on what to expect in the days and weeks after surgery when you are at home. 

Your joint replacement journey starts after you have decided to go ahead with the surgery. However, the surgeon is just one of a large team that works on making your journey smooth and safe. 

The clinic involves the key people who can give you information and answer your questions while checking what we need to keep you safe. 

This team includes our surgical nurse, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialised exercise physiologists, surgeons and of course Naomi and our admin team. 

We run the clinic in groups as our experience has shown this to be the best way to learn from other people's questions. There are sessions devoted to -

  • The prehabilitation options available both at home, at Jointworks and through 360 MedCare's patient partner program. 
  • Arriving at the operating theatre and meeting the anesthetist
  • The operation itself
  • The hospital stay
  • Discharge options
  • Rehabilitation programs

Absolutely. Once you have finished your sessions with the rest of the team, your surgeon will then see you as a group to run through a generalised consent before seeing you all indivudally. 

This is your chance to ask any specific questions of your surgeon - if you have any left! At this point, most patients find their questions have been answered.

The preop joint clinics are usually run on Wednesday mornings once a month only at Tilley lane, Frenchs Forest.

If you are coming from the Central Coast, we appreciate that there can be traffic so we start at 10am.

It runs until 1pm. 

The preop clinic includes a consultation with your surgeon as well as with our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. The cost for the 3 hours is $200.

Coffee and morning tea is provided. 

Approximately $35 is rebateable from Medicare for the surgical follow up and between $30 and $50 rebate from your health fund for the physio if you have extra cover. 

We understand that life can get in the way of the best laid plans and we will try to be as flexible as possible. However, due to the level of preparation and safety checks we inisist on at Jointworks, your surgical date is not confirmed until you have attended the preop joint clinic which is where you will sign your consent form. 


email : info@jointworks.com.au
call : 02 9055 1766

Ask for Naomi who can make sure you have completed all the necessary imaging, bloods and cardiac checks needed to be ready for the clinic. 

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