Knee & Hip Program

Knee & Hip Program

A 12 week, comprehensive rehab program for patients struggling with knee & hip concerns.

The Knee & Hip Program has been designed by specialist Exercise Physiologists who have been working with pre & post surgical knee patients for over 10 years. The program brings together the best possible modalities from both a rehab & functional movement setting to provide a comprehensive approach to knee & hip rehab

Rehab For Life 

The core philosophy of the Knee & Hip program is that all rehab should prepare us for the activities we do in our every day life. For each of us, this will be uniquely different, which is why every program we give is uniquely catered to the individual in order to provide the best possible long term outcome. The program works under 3 core tenants: 


Each program is uniquely catered to the individual, using exercise & movement strategies that suit the needs of each person. A rehab program for an aspiring runner with knee pain is going to be incredibly different to someone who has just had a knee replacement & simply wants to be able to move around the house. As movement experts, we understand this which is why each of our programs are designed specifically for individual circumstances. 


Rehab should prepare us for life. Everything we do in our programs is geared towards allowing patients to learn what they need to do to manage their own condition. Over the course of the 12 week program we educate on key strategies that will help patients to function at their best & avoid problems in the future. 


Everything we do is designed to create improvement. No matter where someone is starting from, there is always room to improve. This is how all of our programs are set up. Every day someone comes in the door, there will be a focus on progression. 

Movement Medicine

Where Do We Start?

During your first appointment with our Exercise Physiologists, you will be taken through our knee assessment process. This assessment works with objective data from your surgeon to go through a complete knee rehabilitation analysis to determine your current level of function, help set your goals and monitor your progress. Once completed, we will use the results from your assessment to create your specialised rehab program.

Physio Technology
Our Assessment Industry Leading Tech to Get the best Results
Movement Assessment
Everything Is Measured So We Can Show Clear Progression

How Does it Work?

Working with your surgeon & medical team, we will analyse the data from our assessment to develop a specialised 12-week knee and hip rehab exercise plan targeting your unique strengths and weaknesses.

On average patients can expect some form of training required 5 days per week, with 2 days each week being recommended in one of our exercise rehab centres. The other 3 days will be ‘homework’ style sessions that are shorter & tailored to the equipment patients have access to.

To ensure our programs remain specialised & are always progressed exactly according to you, we will reassess progress every 4 weeks with a new block of rehab exercises.

Each 4 weeks of programming is therefore designed specifically for you so you get the results you deserve.

After each assessment you get bespoke one on one program onboarding sessions that will enable you to learn your exercises under the close eye of one of our expert team of health professionals. Following this, you will join one of our small group sessions twice a week at a time that suits you. Our classes are capped at 4 people to ensure that you continue to get expert instruction & ensure you’re executing things appropriately. 

Our 4 Pillars of Knee & Hip Health
Our 4 Pillars of Knee & Hip Health
All Programs are Available Anytime Via Our Application
All Programs are Available Anytime Via Our Application

How You Move Through the 12 Week Knee & Hip Program

Knee: Hip

Leading Best Practice for Patient Centred Care

Our approach has been designed to be different, so that patients can avoid the big problems that are faced with most conventional patient care models. These can be summarised as:

  1. Because the entire exercise rehab process is part of the model of working with our surgical specialists, everything will be streamlined for your best possible result. There will be no need to re-explain your whole situation again & again, as our rehab specialists will be in direct communication with your medical team to make sure you're ready to hit to ground running. We won't be sending your somewhere else for your outpatient rehab, as the movement based rehab piece is integral to how we work! 
  2. We focus on the long term. Our program are designed with the best long term outcome in mind. More & more research shows patients who are dissatisfied with their long term outcomes. We make sure that your rehab is perfectly tailored to your exact needs so that you can have the best result for the long term, not just for the months after you see us.
  3. A complete process. When working with JointWorks, you ensure that you're ticking every box. We have an unrivalled commitment to multidisciplinary care that you won't find anywhere else. 
The Typical Costs of A Surgical Process
The Typical Costs of A Surgical Process


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