What Is Exercise Physiology?

What Is Exercise Physiology?

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are specialists in assessing, planning, programming and delivering exercise for the purpose of rehabilitation or physical performance. 

“He who treats the site of pain is lost” - Karel Lewit

Exercise Physiology

What Is Exercise Physiology? 

You don’t take your Ferrari to the drive-in car wash, so why would you entrust your exercise & movement needs to anything less than the best? 

Exercise Physiologists are the most qualified Exercise specialists in the healthcare industry. With a minimum of 4 years of University education & guaranteed clinical experience in a range of conditions, they are best equipped to deal with the health of the human body through movement.  Their speciality is in the therapeutic application of movement & exercise to allow the human body to function at its optimum. It’s no secret that movement is a cornerstone of a healthy life. Exercise Physiology is all about identifying how disease has been contributed to by a lack of movement & applying specific techniques to restore a state of health. 

It’s about getting to the root cause of the issue. Fixing the problem instead of focusing on the symptoms it presents. 

Ever heard the saying: ‘Movement is medicine’?

Movement is Critical To The Optimal Function of The Human Body. Whether Pain or Performance it's the Key Ingredient to Successful Outcomes.

Your movement is our mission 

Our Exercise Physiologists use movement as our primary tool for improving health & function. 

We undertake a comprehensive clinical & functional assessment process and take the time to listen and educate, so you not only achieve your goals you exceed them!

Jointworks Exercise Physiologists are Accredited, experienced evidenced based practitioners providing you with safe and effective exercise interventions, every time.

Where Movement becomes Medicine

In working with experienced medical professionals, we’ve come to see just how valuable the specialised application of movement can be for improving the lives of patients. 

Through years of experience in the Allied Health industry we have seen first hand how a focus on short term solutions & symptoms alone cause people to go through the same rollercoaster of injury, recovery, and re-injury. 

JointWorks aims to empower people to take control of their rehabilitation and build resilience, so they are stronger than before and avoid future recurrence.

We do this by working hand in hand with our Exercise Physiology Partners to create carefully designed therapeutic exercise programs that address chronic conditions and injuries at their root.

'We are experts in helping people to get back to their highest level of function, returning to abandoned activities and setting new goals.'

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